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All About Digital Props For Mask Photo Booths 

The world has shifted to digital props, and that includes mask photo booths! Digital props are a great way to add some fun to your event without compromising safety. In this blog post, we’ll explore why digital props are the better option in comparison to traditional mask photo booths, how to use them in your booth, and what customization options you have. Let’s get started! 

Why Choose Digital Props? 

Digital props and Face Filters offer an easy and safe way for guests to enjoy their mask photos. Traditional masks can be unhygienic and difficult to clean. With digital props, you no longer have the hassle of cleaning individual masks after each use – all you need is a good wipe down of the booth itself! Not only this, but digital props also increase the variety of images available for each guest. You can offer a range of different graphics, from cute animals to your company logo or even holiday-themed items.

How To Use Digital Props?  

The process of using digital props is simple – just upload the images into your photo booth software and they will appear onscreen like any other prop! Your guests can then interact with them by dragging, rotating and resizing them as desired. If you want to keep it simple, you could just offer a few key images such as glasses or mustaches that everyone knows and loves. If you’d like something more customised though, there are plenty of options available! 

Customising Digital Props

You don’t have to settle for generic digital props – there are plenty of ways to make them unique for your event! You could order customised masks featuring logos or slogans that represent your business or organisation. Alternatively, if you’re hosting an event for Halloween or Christmas, consider offering customised seasonal masks – these can be anything from ghosts and witches hats at Halloween to Santa hats at Christmas time. Of course, if you don’t quite have the budget for customized masks then there are hundreds of free ones available online too!  

Digital Props For Mask Photo Booths 

Conclusion:  All in all, digital props offer many advantages over traditional mask photo booths – not least that they provide a safe way for guests to enjoy their photos without risking any hygiene issues due to sharing physical masks. With so many ways to customize them too (from ordering special logos/slogans right through to downloading free masks) it’s easy enough for anyone running an event with a mask photo booth – whatever their budget –to make sure they’re giving their guests a great experience while staying safe too.

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